The Scottish Six Days Trial

2nd - 7th May 2016

Fort William, Scotland

Preparations are well under way for our annual pilgrimage up over the boarder to the Highlands of Scotland to once again support our riders in their endeavors to complete the famous Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT).

Below are some essential instructions that will ensure you will travel up to Scotland as prepared as you can be and that we can fully support you during the event.

Unfortunately each year we see a number of riders arrive in Fort William with little or no preparation, please don't let that be you this year!

Firstly, on confirmation of entry please telephone our office (01535 655970) and speak to Gary to sign on for our back up service. We will need your rider number and which bike you will ride, we will also need your address and credit card details. There is no charge for the service, only if you use any parts, having these details will speed up the process should you need spare parts from us, bear in mind you won't be the only rider waiting to service their bike. You must sign on with us before you travel up to the SSDT.

Please ensure you are able to carry out work on your bike yourself as the SSDT committee are strict with regard to any help we are able to offer.

Below is a document containing helpful information about preparing your bike and yourself for Scotland. Preparation must be at least two weeks before travelling up to Scotland and your bike should have had a minimum of 1 hour road test prior to setting off to the event. Please note it is very difficult for us to do work on the Sunday before the trial as there are many riders to look after. 

Download Scottish Six Days Trial help sheet here.

Please note that the office will be closed for the duration of the Scottish Six Days Trial so no online orders will be dispatch during that time. We will do our best to dispatch orders the week commencing 9th May 2016.





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